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Aguon Studios

Cardstock Printing

Cardstock Printing

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Elevate your projects with the card stock printing available in matte finish or gloss finish. Whether it's for invitations, event programs, or any creative endeavor, our card stock printing service offers exceptional quality and customization.

Key Features:
1. Card Stock Backing: We work with 90lbs cardstock meaning that your project will have a thick backing to help with preventing paper crumbling especially when adding it to a shipping order. 

2. Custom Sizing: Tailor your project to your exact specifications paying per page. We charge by the page so you can design the shape and size you would like your design. 

3. Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of deadlines. Count on us for fast and reliable turnaround times. We often take 2-3 business days for production but can offer same day depending on availability and time of order (with another rush fee).

Some possible applications can be postcards, event programs, thank you cards, one sided invitations, etc. 

With our card stock printing service, your ideas come to life.

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