Small Business 30 Day Content Challenge

Small Business 30 Day Content Challenge

Small Business Photo/Content Challenge

If you own a small business, we have a special set of prompts just for you. Capture your new arrivals, your customer engagement strategies, your business milestones, and your collaborations with local artisans.

You could also share an inspirational quote, spotlight an employee, share your favorite local hangout, showcase your product packaging, your seasonal decor, your customer appreciation gestures, showcase your process, promote shopping local, display your business logo, share a success story and your local partnerships.

On the last day of the month, share a thank you note, appreciating your customers for their support. Some other prompts include storefront showcase, product spotlight, customer testimonials, packaging perfection, small business collaboration, happy hour deals, eco-friendly practices, employee appreciation, behind the scenes, customer review, creative workplace, fall display, seasonal specials, local suppliers, and community involvement.

Remember to tag your posts with #aguonchallenge to make it easier for everyone participating in the challenge to find and appreciate your work. This is not just a chance to create amazing content, but also a wonderful opportunity to see the creative works of others and get inspired. So get your creative juices flowing and let's have a fantastic October!


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