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Exciting New Workshops and Programs Coming Soon!

 Over the course of the last year, Whitney has worked with multiple clients - candle makers, resellers, bridal boutiques, and dreamers, who have a million ideas on what they can sell, but don't know where to start. Does this sound like you? 

Although we will still be offering custom printing, we have decided to shift our brand's mission and vision for the future. Since the beginning of Q3, our core values will now be Learn, Grow, and Create. Our goal is simple now. We will strive to create content, like workshops and workbooks, that will help the new entrepreneurs and the dreamers out there, through those first steps in creating the business of their dreams.

We aim to create content that won't just be there to upsell you on a program that cost thousands of dollars, because we understand that every penny you make as a new entrepreneurs is precious. At the same time, we know that you may also not have the time to set down and dedicate time to sitting through a live training or risk missing it all. Aguon Studios will create bite size content that can be consumed when you have time, giving our clients the freedom to sit down at their convenience to learn, while allowing them to be present in our aspects of their lives. Just ask Whitney, she wakes up at 7am to make live trainings or reviews  when our toddler is asleep. 

Workshops will offer clients an a-la carte style of courses. Pick what you need and purchase them on it's own. Meanwhile, programs will offer a package deal on a set list of courses or workbooks, often accompanied by a 1-hour Zoom consultation with Whitney or Dylan. 

To begin the rollout of these workshops and programs, you can expect to see these programs coming soon to our store. 

  • Brand Kit Worksheet - Available in store
  • Goal Setting Workshop
  • Instagram Strategy
  • Brand Blueprint Program

We hope that through our workshops and programs, that we can empower business owners with the tools and knowledge that they need in order to have a thriving successful business. 

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