How to Show Up for Small Businesses

How to Show Up for Small Businesses

There has been a boom in small businesses and entrepreneurship in the past couple years. I know that I count myself among them and we are many. Why do you think shows like Shark Tank are in their double digit seasons. 

With all this courage and spirit that we have, well times are also hard for small family owned shops. Many had to pivot during the pandemic, and many had to close their doors for good. 

Let's be real...Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, representing dreams, hard work, and creativity. I know from experience that it is both a scary yet exciting process.

So how can you show up and stand with small businesses? 

As consumers, we have the power to make a significant impact on these local ventures. Supporting a small business goes beyond making a purchase; it’s about fostering a sense of community and helping entrepreneurs thrive. Let's explore a few ways you can start supporting small businesses, both paid and free, demonstrating that even small gestures can lead to a big difference.

1. Shop Local, Shop Small:
Yes, we are going to start with the obvious one. The most direct ways to support small businesses is by shopping local. This means going to neighborhood stores, boutiques, and local artisans. By choosing their products and services, you contribute to the local economy and help sustain jobs within your community. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee from a local cafe or purchasing gifts from nearby artisans, every purchase counts.

2. Spread the Word:
Word-of-mouth remains a powerful marketing tool. If you’ve had a positive experience with a small business, share it with your friends and family. Post reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp, and engage with their social media posts. Your endorsement can introduce new customers to the business and encourage others to show their support. Best part, its free to do! 

3. Attend Events and Pop-ups:
Not every small business has a brick and mortar location, many small businesses host events or participate in pop-up markets to showcase their products and services. Attend these events, show your interest, and spread the word about their participation. Supporting these initiatives helps small businesses gain exposure and build a loyal customer base.

4. Utilize Social Media:
Engaging with a small business on social media costs nothing but can make a world of difference. Follow them on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and interact with their posts through likes, comments, and shares. Every like or share extends their reach, making it easier for potential customers to discover them.

5. Attend Workshops and Webinars:
Many small businesses offer workshops, webinars, or events on topics related to their niche. Attend these sessions to gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge while showing your support. It’s a win-win situation, as you learn something new, and the business gains engagement and potential customers.

6. Provide Feedback:
Honest feedback is invaluable for small businesses looking to improve their products and services. If you’ve had an experience with a small business, share your thoughts constructively. Your input can help them make necessary adjustments and enhance their offerings.

Supporting small businesses is not only about financial transactions; it’s about being part of a supportive community that nurtures dreams and drives growth. Embrace the power of community and choose to support small businesses through both paid and free actions. From shopping local and spreading the word to engaging on social media, every effort counts. 

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