Content Ideas for Your Product Based Business

Content Ideas for Your Product Based Business

Hello Bosses, 

Are you a product based boss wondering how you can create content that isn't just another picture of your product? When you look at your page, do you think... how can I make more content when I have already taken a million pictures of this one thing? Whether you sell bomb tacos or an ornate candle, there is more to content than just posting about your products. 

When you are creating content, especially for a product based business, our brains automatically go to, how can I sell my product if I don't show my product? Although true in a sense, we as bosses need to remember that people who are on social media are there looking for connection. People want to connect to the maker as much as they want to connect to the product. The more you get your ideal customer gets to "like, know and trust you," as Natalie from Boss Babe says all the time on their podcast, the more that they are likely to purchase from you. 

If you are still sitting there and thinking, but Whitney, I still don't know what else I can post, don't worry I got you covered. Here are 50 prompts that you can use for your business. 


  1. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your product creation process
  2. Feature customer reviews and testimonials
  3. Run a contest or giveaway
  4. Highlight your product's unique features and benefits
  5. Share tips and tricks for using your product
  6. Show your product in action with a video demonstration
  7. Feature user-generated content from customers
  8. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions to your Instagram followers
  9. Share a quote or inspiration related to your product
  10. Host a live Q&A session with your followers
  11. Share a tutorial or DIY project using your product
  12. Use Instagram Stories to do a product reveal or sneak peek
  13. Showcase different ways to style or use your product
  14. Share a product comparison with similar products in the market
  15. Feature a before-and-after transformation using your product
  16. Share a fun fact about your product or industry
  17. Show your product being made from start to finish
  18. Create a series of posts around a specific theme or topic related to your product
  19. Share a customer success story
  20. Host an Instagram takeover with a brand ambassador or influencer
  21. Share a product-related meme or funny image
  22. Highlight the eco-friendliness or sustainability of your product
  23. Share a recipe or food pairing that goes well with your product
  24. Create an Instagram carousel post showcasing different angles or uses of your product
  25. Share a product-related infographic or data visualization
  26. Feature a unique packaging design or unboxing experience
  27. Share a throwback post or vintage advertisement for your product
  28. Show behind-the-scenes footage from a photoshoot or video shoot
  29. Share a product-related blog post or article
  30. Ask your followers to share their favorite way to use your product
  31. Highlight a new or limited edition version of your product
  32. Share a product-related playlist or music inspiration
  33. Host a virtual event or workshop related to your product
  34. Share a customer spotlight or feature
  35. Highlight your product's charitable or social impact initiatives
  36. Share a product-related book or reading list
  37. Create a product-related quiz or poll for your followers to participate in
  38. Share a product-related podcast or audio inspiration
  39. Highlight a product collaboration or partnership
  40. Share a product-related travel destination or adventure idea
  41. Feature a product-related art or design inspiration
  42. Share a product-related fashion or style inspiration
  43. Highlight a product-related app or technology
  44. Share a product-related sports or fitness inspiration
  45. Create a product-related challenge or activity for your followers to participate in
  46. Share a product-related history or origin story
  47. Highlight a product-related cultural or heritage inspiration
  48. Share a product-related language or linguistic inspiration
  49. Feature a product-related pet or animal inspiration
  50. Share a product-related mindfulness or wellness inspiration

Take these ideas and open your planner or calendar. For the next month, plan on creating one of these for your page and post consistently. Again, you may be thinking, Whitney, where am I going to find the time, I have work, kids, school, etc.

Well, I said you have to post consistently, I never said you have to film consistently. First thing you want to do after reading this, is to look through your camera roll on your phone or camera. I bet you have some footage for a couple of these prompts already sitting on your camera roll.

Once you do that, take a highlighter and pick out the prompts that interest you the most or are do-able in your business. Then look at your upcoming schedule, is there a chunk of time that you have just for yourself. Maybe it's when the kids are in school or in bed, maybe you have a day off coming up. The idea is that you mass film within that block of time. Tip: make sure you have outfits laid out, so you can change clothes in between the takes. Film as much as you can and save them. When you have another time block available that is when you can sit and edit them, get them scheduled onto your Instagram feed, now that they let you schedule posts ahead of time. 

Repeat this process every month for new content and you will have so much content that you can scheduled and reuse some in the following months if you want to take a break from filming. 

I hope that you have found this blog useful and leave us a comment about what you want to see next on here. 

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