Building a CEO Parent Community

Building a CEO Parent Community

Just as in business, parenting requires teamwork, dedication, and a shared vision. Together, as partners in both realms, we unlock endless possibilities.

In 2021, Dylan and I became first time parents to our baby girl. In 2023, we created Aguon Studios LLC. Now this year we will become parents to a second baby girl. Over the course of the last couple months, I have continued my search for a community of other parents who are growing a business while raising a family. Now we know that there are many different options out there and it has been amazing to connect with them - many of which have been ceo mamas connecting with other ceo mamas. 

I was looking for connections with other business owners, but it was a calling more than just for me, I wanted to connect with both mothers and fathers who were business owners and entrepreneurs. Why?  Because I wanted my husband and business partner to have a community that he can connect with as well. Additionally, we want to also bring resources that will also foster the connection and partner relationships. Too often we have heard about how stress and overwhelm can ruin partnerships. 

Do you crave a community that you can connect with? 

Are you looking for others that can relate to both your entrepreneur and parent journey?

Are you looking for resources/ coaching  that can support you as a business owner but also as a parent and partner?

Over the course of the next couple months, we will be working to build a virtual community space for people like you, people like us to connect. 

But we need your input! We want to make sure that this community that we are building will be what you are looking for. We want to create a community that will be beneficial to everyone at all stages of their journey. 

If you would like to provide us with your input, please click the link below to access our survey. We appreciate your input as we build our CEO Parents Community. 

 Click Here for Survey

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